How To Make Money From GhostWriting In Nigeria

Have you ever heard of ghostwriting? It’s being the secret author behind a book, article, or content without your name. In this post, you will learn How To Make Money From Ghost Writing In Nigeria

In Nigeria, ghostwriting is becoming a big deal, and it’s a way to make money with your writing skills. In this article, we’re going to explore ghostwriting in Nigeria. 

We’ll uncover the secrets to making money as a ghostwriter and discover how to turn your writing skills into a profitable one. Keep reading – you’re in the right place!

What is Ghostwriting And How To Make Money From Ghost Writing In Nigeria?

Ghostwriting is when you write something, like a book or an article, for someone else, and they take the credit for it. You’re the invisible hand behind the words. People hire ghostwriters for all sorts of reasons – maybe they don’t have the time to write, or they need someone with special writing skills.

As a ghostwriter, you stay in the shadows, and your name doesn’t appear on the work. It’s like being a silent partner in a writing project.

In Nigeria, like in many other places, there’s a growing demand for ghostwriters. Authors, business owners, and even students need help with their writing projects. They turn to ghostwriters to make their ideas come to life in words. Plus, not everyone is a writing expert, so they need skilled writers to help them sound good.


One of the unique things about ghostwriting is the mystery. You write something special, but no one knows it’s you. The person or business who hired you takes the credit. Yes, you make the magic happen, but you don’t step into the spotlight.

Steps To Make Money With Ghostwriting In Nigeria

If you wish to tap into this evergreen income source, kindly follow the steps below;

Step 1– Choose A Niche

In ghostwriting, a niche is your area of specialty. It’s the type of writing you’re good at. In Nigeria, you can find your niche by thinking about what you love to write about.

Do you enjoy crafting inspiring stories, helping businesses with marketing, or sharing knowledge through non-fiction? Your niche is where your heart is.

In Nigeria, certain niches are known for a lot of opportunities. Here are a few popular ones:

  • Fiction Writing: Many people dream of writing a novel, and they need skilled ghostwriters to bring their stories to life.
  • Business and Marketing: Companies often need help with blog posts, web content, and marketing materials.
  • Self-Help and Non-Fiction: People have valuable knowledge to share, and they need ghostwriters to turn their ideas into books or articles.
  • Academic and Research: Students and academics might need assistance with research papers or articles.
  • Health and Wellness: With the growing interest in health, ghostwriters can create content for blogs, books, or websites.




Step 2– Hone Your Writing Skill

Once you’ve found your niche, it’s time to fine-tune your skills. Read books, take courses, and practice writing in your chosen field. Becoming an expert in your niche will make you a sought-after ghostwriter.

The better your skills, the more in-demand you become. So, how can you become a better writer?

  • Read books, articles, and content in your chosen niche. It helps you understand different writing styles and techniques.
  • Write something daily, even if it’s just a short story, a blog post, or a journal entry.
  • Study the work of established writers in your niche. What makes their writing stand out? Try to incorporate those elements into your writing.

Step 3– Create A Portfolio

A portfolio is where you showcase your skills and demonstrate your capabilities. When potential clients or employers want to know if you’re the real deal, your portfolio is your answer.

If you’re starting, you might wonder, “What can I put in my portfolio?” Here are some ideas:

  • Write Samples
  • Guest Posts: If you enjoy writing about specific topics, consider writing guest posts for blogs or websites.
  • Fanfiction or Fiction: You can write fanfiction based on popular books or TV shows. 
  • Write articles on topics you’re knowledgeable about.

Step 4– Join Freelance Platforms for Ghostwriters

Several freelance platforms, like Upwork, Fiverr, Truelancer, and Freelancer, connect writers with clients looking for ghostwriters. Create a compelling profile, showcase your portfolio, and start bidding on writing projects that match your niche.

In Nigeria, if you want to How To Make Money From Ghost Writing In Nigeria, many authors and publishers seek talented ghostwriters to bring their ideas to life. Attend literary events, book launches, and writing workshops. 

Also, reach out to local publishers and businesses. They often require ghostwriters for various projects, from writing articles and reports to creating marketing content. 


Step 5– Choose Your Rates

The next step is to choose your rate. It’s essential to research what other ghostwriters in Nigeria are charging. 

Knowing the average rates in your niche can help you determine where you fit in the market. Don’t undersell yourself, but also be competitive.

Here are factors to consider when choosing your rates;

  • Experience: If you’re just starting, your rates might be lower. As you gain more experience and build a solid portfolio, you can gradually increase your rates.
  • Project: Some writing projects are more complex than others. Writing a full-length novel, for instance, might command a higher rate than a short blog post.
  • Your Niche: Different niches have different price ranges. For example, technical or specialized writing can earn more than general content writing.
  • Market Demand: In Nigeria, the demand for ghostwriters can vary. If your niche is in high demand, you might be able to charge higher rates.


How To Succeed With Goshwriting As A Beginner In Nigeria 

If you must succeed and cash out with ghostwriting in Nigeria, ensure that you do the following;

  • Meet Deadlines and Exceed Expectations: One of the golden rules of ghostwriting is to meet deadlines. Be reliable and punctual. If you promise to deliver by a certain date, do it. Meeting deadlines is vital to maintaining your reputation as a dependable ghostwriter.
  • Go the extra mile to make their writing good. When clients are delighted with your work, they’re more likely to hire you again and recommend you to others.
  • Communication is vital in ghostwriting. Keep your clients in the loop about your progress. If you’re confused about any aspect of the project, ask for clarification to ensure you’re on the same page as your client.
  • Consistency is key. Your writing should maintain the same high quality throughout the project. Proofread and edit your writing to ensure it’s error-free.


How To Market Yourself As A Ghostwriter

If you must keep the ball rolling, the following are important:

1. Create a Personal Brand

You are a brand. What makes you unique as a ghostwriter? Do you have a particular writing style, a niche you’re passionate about, or a compelling backstory? Use them to create a personal brand that differentiates you from other ghostwriters.

2. Utilize Social Media and Online Presence

Your online presence is crucial. Create a professional website or blog showing your portfolio and expertise. Use social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram to connect with clients.

3. Use Referrals and Testimonials

Satisfied clients will help promote you. Please encourage them to leave testimonials and refer you to others. 


Challenges Of GhostWriters

Here are some of the hurdles faced by ghostwriters:

  1. Anonymity: As a ghostwriter, you must stay in the shadows. At the same time, your work gets published with someone else’s name. 
  2. Different Work: Ghostwriters often switch between different writing styles and topics to meet clients’ needs. This can be mentally demanding.
  3. Tight Deadlines: Meeting deadlines is a top priority, and ghostwriters often have multiple projects. This can lead to too much pressure and burnout.
  4. Finding Clients: Finding clients can be a struggle, especially for new ghostwriters. It takes time and persistence.
  5. Income: Income as a ghostwriter can be inconsistent. Some months may be lucrative, while others may have fewer projects, making financial planning unpredictable.



Ghostwriting is a lucrative venture, and ghostwriters are in high demand. However, despite being a good means to make money in Nigeria, it can be challenging and demands hard work and persistence.

By following the steps outlined in this article and considering some of the guides to success in this article as a ghostwriter, we are confident that you will make it.

Good luck as you implement what you have learned. Don’t forget to ask questions below!


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