Quality Products, High Commissions, Weekly Payouts

Get paid twice a week by recommending high value digital products online to your subscribers and friends..


How Do SellPass Affiliate Program Work?

Get paid twice a week promoting any of our high value digital products to your subscribers anywhere at any time.


Generate Passive Income

One of the biggest benefits of becoming a SellPass affiliate is the ability to generate passive income.

Single cart, global payment options

Accept and get paid in GHS, USD, ZAR, KES, UGX, NGN, XOF, CRYPTOCURRENCY

Get paid your affiliate commission twice a week and receive funds in Your Local Bank Account anywhere in the world

Unique personalized affiliate links and lot of affiliate JV materials for your affiliate promotions

High Value Digital Products

Wide Range of Products To Sell

  • SellPass offers a diverse range of products and services to promote, which can help you find products that align with your audience and interests.

  • This make it easier to promote products effectively, as you can leverage your knowledge and passion for the products to create more compelling marketing campaigns

  • Additionally, having a variety of products to promote can help you avoid the pitfalls of over-reliance on a single product or niche.

Get Started

Easy To Use

Powerful and easy to use mobile friendly dashboard

The SellPass platform is designed to be user-friendly, which can help affiliates get up and running quickly.

  • The dashboard provides a clear overview of your performance, with detailed analytics that can help you optimize your promotions for maximum effectiveness

  • Additionally, the platform provides access to marketing materials, tutorials, and support staff to help you succeed.

Get Started
Access to support and materials for your marketing

SellPass provides a range of resources and support to help you succeed as an affiliate marketer

Marketing Tutorials

This includes access to marketing materials, tutorials, and support staff who can answer your questions and help you overcome any challenges you may face.

  • This can be valuable if you're new to affiliate marketing or if you're looking to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Sell To Global Customers

Scale And Sell To Customers Across Africa

  • As you become more successful as a SellPass affiliate, you can scale your business by promoting more products and expanding your audience.

  • This can provide you with the opportunity to grow your income over time, and to build a sustainable business that can provide a source of income for years to come.

  • Additionally, because the SellPass platform is designed to be flexible and easy to use, scaling your business can be relatively simple and straightforward.


Frequently Asked Question

Get to know how SellPass will help you

1. What is SellPass affiliate marketing?

SellPass affiliate marketing is a program that enables affiliates to earn commissions by promoting digital products created by SellPass vendors. The platform provides affiliates with unique links, promotional materials, and tracking tools to help them generate sales and earn commissions.

2. How can I become a SellPass affiliate?

To become an on SellPass affiliate, you need to sign up for an account on the SellPass platform. Once you have created an account, next thing is to upgrade to an affiliate for only N5,000 ($10) and you can browse the available products and apply to become an affiliate for the products you want to promote.

3.How do I promote SellPass products as an affiliate?

SellPass vendors provides affiliates with a range of promotional materials, including banners, email swipes, and social media posts. Affiliates can also create their own content, such as blog posts, videos, or social media posts, to promote the products to their audience.

4.How much money can I make as a SellPass affiliate?

The amount of money you can make as a SellPass affiliate depends on several factors, such as the commission rate, the price of the product, and the number of sales you generate. Some affiliates make a few hundred dollars per month, while others earn thousands of dollars.

5.How do I track my earnings as a SellPass affiliate?

SellPass provides affiliates with real-time reporting and analytics tools to track their earnings, and other key metrics. Affiliates can access this data through their SellPass dashboard.

6. What are some tips for success as a SellPass affiliate?

To succeed as a SellPass affiliate, you should focus on promoting products that are relevant and valuable to your audience, create high-quality content that resonates with your audience, build a strong relationship with your audience, and continually test and optimize your marketing strategies to maximize your earnings.

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